Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not Daisy Scout blankets...

I took a break from my Daisy Scout blanket-a-thon to whip something up for a friend. 
By the way, the Daisy Scout blankets are turning out quite lovely!  I have 5 done, that's halfway! 

So first up is a super quick and easy A-line dress for Camry.  The main shell is pretty sheer and Spring-y, so it's lined with a shorter plain white cotton material.  This should fit her for 2 years, too.

And since I'm so super crafty, I made a matching Spring jacket to match!  This might be my favorite thing ever!  The lining is what makes it - well, and the ruffle trim and drop back... it's a Heidi&Finn pattern, of course!

And to back up a little bit, a few weeks ago I threw together a dress and matching doll for Ethan's school and their silent auction.  The dress is pretty darling, made from a Posh Petunia pattern, and the fabric is one of my favorites ever.  The doll, well...she's cute, but I have to admit I was distracted at the time of her assembly and forgot her pig tails!  She's a short-haired beauty I guess!
Still, pretty cute.  And not bad for having zero sewing time lately!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Making some new dolls and critters - going to try for 26 of them between now and July (hmm...wonder why July?).  I know some are going to some silent auctions, but the rest are up for grabs.  Naming each one right down the line of the alphabet as I make them.  A B and C...

No faces yet.  That part takes some time to get just right, but here's a peek.

Isn't she pretty (well, if she had a face) with her long dress?  Like a little ballerina almost!

Barbie Owl.  :)
The owl is much smaller, but still pretty cute.

Probably my favorite.  How cute are those ears?!

All made from Bit of Whimsy patterns.  My favorite critter making patters ever!

PS - what about my cute background fabric there?  Dreaming of what to make with this!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Check out what CC will be wearing today.  She's an animal!

Hmm...wonder where she gets it??

The List

Preparing for a sale.  I guess if you are reading this, you get the advantage.  Not that those of your reading this are my "customers" probably.  But, that's ok.

Just ordered new fabrics and I'm going to do a giveaway of my own when they come in.  More on that later.

I thought I'd do a little organization to hopefully eliminate a lot of the questions I've been getting.  So, here we go on the goods...

These are Skinny Pants.  Pattern courtesy of Whimsy Couture.
These have a "skinny" leg and a slightly flared ankle.
Sizes 6-12 mos up to 7/8

I have used mostly cotton fabrics for these, but have also done some cord.  Anything heavier than cord probably wouldn't work.

Double Layer skirts - $25
Single Layer Skirts - $15
Optional apron

I don't have a set pattern for these, so I use the measurements you give me.

Peasant tops - $12 - $30
Sizes - 6 mos to 7/8T
These can be long sleeve, mid sleeve, short sleeve.
They can be shirts or dresses.
They can have shirring in the arms and/or at the waist.
So many options!!  You decide!

This is a 6 month size with short sleeves.

This is a 12 month size dress with long sleeves and shirring at the waist.

Triple Layer Ruffle Dress - $45
This is a Posh Petunia pattern and comes in sizes 12-18 month to 6T.

There's nothing more to say about this dress other than it's GORGEOUS.  Very frilly and fancy and twirly and girly.  This is a special occasion dress to be sure!

This is the Triple Layer Dress (no ruffles) - $28
sizes 12-18 month to 6T

A single button hole creates a bow on the back (or front!).

Just like the Triple Ruffle Dress without the ruffle layers.  Still girly and twirly and super cute!

Double Layer Top (shown with Skinny Pants, not included)
Sizes 6-9 months to 5/6T
This is a Sew Sensible pattern.
This top has two straps that thread through loops in the back to form a bow.
There is elastic around the top for an easy, comfortable fit.
Two layers create a peek-a-boo slip effect. 

Great alone for summer, or paired with a shirt underneath for those cooler months of the year!

Fleece Wrap Jacket - $35
12 months - 5T

A fleece lined, cozy jacket that snaps in 2 places for a secure fit.

Bulky due to the fleece lining, so size up if you are unsure.

This is a beautiful Heidi & Finn Girly Cardigan
This picture shows one made with a fleece outer and a linen lining.
An optional ruffle outlines this cardigan to make it extra girly.
Sizes - 12 months - 4T

Knot Dress
This classic knot dress has a lot of options:
Two knots or one knot (creates a bow)
Trim band
Up to 5 different fabric options on one dress!
Sizes 12 months - 5T

Pinafore - $20
A Georgia Grace Design in sizes 12mos - 4T
This is one of my favorites!  It crosses and wraps in the back and is REVERSIBLE!  Two shirts in one!  It also makes a darling dress when paired with leggings on the smaller sizes.  Perfect with jeans and a turtle neck for winter, too!

A view of the reverse side and the wrap-style back.

Hats!  $15 child, $20 adult

Hand crocheted by me!  Any color, any size with a big flower.
Choose up to 4 colors!

Kitties!  $20
Bit of Whimsy Dolls
These kitties are a great gift to compliment any outfit.  They come with a removable coordinating skirt and hand embroidered face.

Don't like kitties?  I have Bit of Whimsy Doll patterns for dogs, bunnies, bears and dolls, too!

And the A-line dress featured in a previous post can be made in sizes 6-12 months through 8T and is priced at $25 (up to 5T) and $30 (5T-8T).  It snaps at the shoulders and is fully lined.  Great as a shirt or a dress!  You specify the length.

I have lots of other new patterns that I plan to try out in the near future, so check back for my newest creations!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Giveaway! (not mine though)

Make It and Love It is doing a fab giveaway on her blog!  Go check it out (and check out her button on my page!  :) )

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BIBity bobity woo!

One more snap project today.
I literally whipped this up on a whim just as I was about to start dinner.
It's a washcloth refashioned as a bib - with a snap, of course.

It's just an old (but clean) washcloth and some fabric that I don't love for clothes, but don't dislike for things like this.

I didn't even warm up my iron for this one (although I should have).

I used an old bib for a pattern, cut the two main pieces and assembled.  Easy peasy.

Here is the back with the old (but clean, remember) washcloth.

And here is the side by side of the original (boring) bib with the fake snap (velcro that gets stuck to clothes in the wash - boo).

Next time:  warm up the iron and spend more time creating a working pattern.  This will work for now though.  Maybe a picture of my CC at dinner tonight?

What a cute baby gift though.  And washcloths can be cheap when you buy them in bulk!

Oh Snap!

Working on some things.  Why?  Because I can, but mostly because I'm planning something huge (well, huge for me) in a few months.  Not sharing until it's firmed up, but let's just say it's the hugest thing I've done with my crafty thus far.

Loving my new snap press.  Did I mention it's red?  It is.  Red and heavy and industrial-like.  I just turn in circles in my crafty room wondering what to snap next.

Today it was a couple of simple A-line dresses.  I purchased this fabric with a reversible Valentine's Day inspired pinafore in mind.  That is, until I got my snap press.

Oddly, I'd never made this A-line style before.  (Probably because it's best made with snaps.)  Turns out it's pretty easy and quick to whip up.

I have a pattern, but I didn't really follow it.  In fact, I thought it was a bunch of crap and didn't even finish reading it.  I think I did just fine on my own.  :)