Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not Daisy Scout blankets...

I took a break from my Daisy Scout blanket-a-thon to whip something up for a friend. 
By the way, the Daisy Scout blankets are turning out quite lovely!  I have 5 done, that's halfway! 

So first up is a super quick and easy A-line dress for Camry.  The main shell is pretty sheer and Spring-y, so it's lined with a shorter plain white cotton material.  This should fit her for 2 years, too.

And since I'm so super crafty, I made a matching Spring jacket to match!  This might be my favorite thing ever!  The lining is what makes it - well, and the ruffle trim and drop back... it's a Heidi&Finn pattern, of course!

And to back up a little bit, a few weeks ago I threw together a dress and matching doll for Ethan's school and their silent auction.  The dress is pretty darling, made from a Posh Petunia pattern, and the fabric is one of my favorites ever.  The doll, well...she's cute, but I have to admit I was distracted at the time of her assembly and forgot her pig tails!  She's a short-haired beauty I guess!
Still, pretty cute.  And not bad for having zero sewing time lately!

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  1. I like short haired it's cool!